26 02 2009

Another blog eh? Yes indeed. This site is here as a hommage to a fantastic musician and a really unique instrument. For those of you who haven’t heard of Mark Deutsch and his Bazantar, you are really in for a surprise.

The Bazantar is a five string acoustic double bass which has been fitted with additional sympathetic strings and some additional drone strings. What the heck does this mean? Essentiall, it is unique instrument that can play both bass and melody at the same time, sounding like a cross between a sitar and a double bass, the music that Mark Deutsch can coax out of his bazantar is etheral, soulful, melodic and absolutely inspired.

As far as I know there is only one of these instruments in existance, custom built by Mark himself and born out of his training as a classical double bassist melded with his exploration of North Indian music.

The bazantar can be heard on Mark’s wonderful album Fool, which is a suite he composed and recorded specifically for the bazantar. The music is a journey, beautiful and haunting at times and also uplifting and rousing at other times. Mark Deutsch is a uniquely tallented musician who deserves a listen.